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Vacmaster 200
| By Kroma
The standard VACMASTER 200 from Kroma is a vacuum unit which can be used for a number of purposes. First of all, it fits very well as vacuum unit for one GUTMASTER 1200 and can be used in the cleaning process after production. The VACMASTER 200 can also be used in smaller Kroma Clean systems where there are multiple pick up points of waste.
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Veri-FORM: Product Conformity Verifier
| By Dimaco
The Veri-FORM is a general-purpose product conformity verifier that ensures the product is fit to pack in terms of its size, shape and aesthetics. The Veri-FORM is ideal for conformity checks on tortilla wraps, pizza bases as well as naan/pitta speciality flat breads.
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Veri-KEG: Beer Keg Leak Detection
| By Dimaco
Dimaco’s Veri-KEG is an inspection system that detects leaks from worn-out rubber valve seals. The optical system uses a proven imaging technique to reliably inspect a mixed flow of kegs fitted with new and old spear types, of varying seal sizes and profiles.
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Veri-OCR: Batch/Date Code Verification
| By Dimaco
Dimaco’s Veri-OCR system is a high-speed verifier of over-printed data such as batch, lot and date codes on product packaging, enabling complete traceability of packaged products, such as bottles and cans. The system ensures codes are correct, in the proper position and legible.
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Viogerm® - Rich in Vitamins, Minerals and Fibre
| By HOCHDORF Nutrifood
Grains are the seeds of cereal crops such as wheat, rye, rice, oats and barley. In pre-industrial times, grains were commonly eaten whole, but the bran and germ are removed in most cases nowadays. The resulting refined flour produces baked goods with a softer texture and extended freshness. However the bran and germ contain a variety of important nutrients, which are lost when the grain is milled.
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| By Kroma
VISIOMASTER has been developed for the purpose of eliminating the manual check of the fish that are gutted in a GUTMASTER 1200 gutting machine. VISIOMASTER takes a picture of the belly area of the fish that has just been cleaned. Before the fish leaves the gutting machine the picture has been analysed and it has been decided if the fish is going to move on in the process or go past a manual gutting table. Several cameras can be mounted to the same PC. A different camera does not have to check fish, but can for example be used for sorting the fish when they enter the production area.
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Volume Measurement: TexVol BVM-L Series
| By Perten Instruments
The BVM-L series is designed to provide fast, accurate, and reproducible measurement of volume. A laser sensor moves in a half circle around the rotating product. The length/height, width and depth are measured with all information displayed on a computer screen along with a 3-D, rotatable diagram of the product. The instrument is also available with a load cell thereby providing product weight, specific volume, and density.
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