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Sabinsa Awarded Four New US Patents: Patent Portfolio Total Climbs to 95
| By Sabinsa
Sabinsa Corporation and its sister company Sami Labs Limited (Bangalore, India) added to their very long track record of innovative Intellectual Property development with four new US patents, bringing the company’s patent portfolio total to 95.
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Sabinsa Expands Herb Cultivation Program
| By Sabinsa
Founder Promotes Sustainability, Advocates Cultivation To Protect India’s Herbal Legacy.
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Salt Replacing Ingredients
| By Campden BRI
As companies look at all available options to reduce salt in their products, this review explains many of the alternatives available.
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Scalemaster 1500
| By Kroma
With SCALEMASTER 1500 from KROMA A/S it is possible to descale fish at a speed of up to 80 fish/minute. The machine is mounted on a solid frame with spring suspension so that the machine adjusts to the size of the fish. The descaling is done by rotating brushes that are driven by hydraulic motors. The speed of the machine can be adjusted by pressing the control panel on the front part of the machine.
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Seafood Solutions
| By Intertek Food Services
Seafood is a highly perishable commodity, with strict regulations and guidelines to ensure the supply of safe and sustainable products to market. With consumer demand on the increase, it is imperative that you invest now for the future resources of the industry.
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Shelf Life Testing
| By Intertek Food Services
Food manufacturers need to accurately determine the use by or best before dates for their products in order to meet strict regulations and to keep their brand and consumers safe. With the vast number of mutually dependent factors involved in verifying an accurate shelf life, how can you ensure that the partner you choose has the technological expertise and resources to carry out reliable, bespoke testing?
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SKF: Food Capability Brochure
| By SKF Group
SKF is helping manufacturers achieve greater efficiency and reliability through process improvements which, in turn, assists in reducing avoidable costs. With a host of product and service solutions, SKF can help you address the many challenges you face in your plant, starting with the critical ones discussed in this brochure.
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SKF: Food for Thought
| By SKF Group
Food and beverage producers must take an uncompromising approach to hygiene, health and safety. They need machine solutions that can match these expectations and at the same time support lower operating costs through lower need for maintenance. SKF’s food line Y-bearing units have been designed to do just that.
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Skimmed Milk Powder
| By Uelzena
Spray-dried milk powder, available in low-heat and medium-heat (heat treated) qualities, fat content 1.25% max, water content 3.5% max.
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Smart Check: Camera Based Inspection
| By Dimaco
The Dimaco Smart check system provides traceable packaging inspection. The system checks that the correct labels have been applied to the pack and all essential pre-printed and over-printed data, such as barcode, dates, price and weight, are correct and legible. In addition all user changes to the system are archived, providing enhanced traceability.
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Sobatech Brochure
| By Sobatech
Specialists in Continuous Dough Technology.
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Sobatech Savings Calculation Sheet
| By Sobatech
This sheet shows an overview of the cost savings that can be reached when using a Sobatech continuous system. With this model is free available and can be used by bakeries to make their own calculations based on their own situations.
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Social Responsibility
| By Walter Rau
Sustainability has become a byword connected to the cultivation of oil palms. Due to the ever-growing demand for oils and fats for the food industry the area under crops was increased enormously during the last years. Tropical rainforests hat to give way for palm plantations. The consequences were not only slashing and burning, but also a deletion of rural communities and severe social conflicts. We know that a further increase will be necessary. But it is important that this happens in a sustainable way, which is agreeable from the economical, social and ecological point of view.
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Spanish Foodservice: The Future of Foodservice in Spain to 2016
| By Canadean Food
In 2011, the Spanish foodservice market, which was estimated to value EUR111.6 billion, recorded a CAGR of 0.68% for 2006–2011. However, a contraction in the Spanish economy and subsequent reduction in demand led to a 4.8% decline in the Spanish foodservice industry in 2009. Following this, the decline in the Spanish foodservice market was more subdued as the country‘s GDP growth stabilized in 2010.
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Speciation of Meat
| By Oxford Instruments
The traditional method for identification of meat species is Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and/or gene sequencing which, although highly specific, takes several hours to complete. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) tests are also used and although they are cheaper and quicker than the PCR tests, they are still more expensive per test than the Pulsar™ method.
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Sports and Physical Performance
| By Atlantia Food Clinical Trials Ltd
Atlantia has experience in delivering clinical trials in the sports performance area to examine improved physical performance in as athletes, or individuals engaged in physical work. We work with our clients to design a study most suitable for their analysing peer-reviewed publications, agreeing the most suitable end-points and statistically powering studies to ensure that studies will meet requirements.
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Stein M-Fryer
| By JBT FoodTech
First of a new generation of immersion fryers, it is engineered specifically to match the needs of global convenience food processors: superior, uniform product quality and consistency, cost-effective production, excellent process flexibility, verified process and product safety.
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Storage and Transportation of Powders
| By Munters
Caking of powders and granules is a frequent problem in the food and chemical industries leading to halts in production and product losses.
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Successful installation at West Liberty Foods/USA
| By Handtmann
Handtmann Depositing and Cutting System 424 for chicken salad.
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| By Intertek Food Services
Whether they are referred to as dietary or food supplements, natural health products, or complementary medicines, one thing is clear: with the increasing availability of such products, regulatory authorities are demanding greater standards of evidence to ensure that the public has access to products that are safe, effective and of high quality.
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