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Identifying Allergenic Nut Species Using the QIAxcel System
This study demonstrated the applicability of the QIAxcel Advanced System for analyzing PCR products as part of an allergen detection workflow. It provided rapid, reliable, and inexpensive identification of four nut species (almond, hazelnut, macadamia nut and peanut).
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Identifying Meat Species Using RFLP-PCR and the QIAxcel® Advanced System
In order to protect consumers’ interests it was necessary to introduce effective control and verify species composition of different food products. Molecular biology PCR-RFPL based method allows for unequivocal species identification in raw but also in processed food. By applying four restriction enzymes it was possible to distinguish meats from 15 animals, and in addition 6 animals served as contamination markers. The automated procedure presented, with the QIAxcel Advanced system, is fast (results available in less than 8h), accurate and therefore applicable in routine analyses.
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Importance of Good Water Treatment Concepts
| By Ciba Expert Services
Free whitepaper on water treatment concepts and the influence of good concepts on project cost.
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In Brazil Cardeal Relies on the Benefits of the Handtmann FS 510 Forming System
| By Handtmann
Handtmann VF 616 vacuum filler with integrated GD 93-3 inline grinding system and 510 forming system with 24-lane filling flow divider.
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Increased Productivity in Spray Drying Applications
| By Munters
In summer, when the moisture content in the air is high, the operating conditions are less advantageous than in winter, when the water content in the air is low. In humid conditions there is a greater tendency for the powder to become sticky and cause more downtime. Obtaining stability and achieving a consistent quality output is desired in the spray drying process.
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Increasing Effectiveness in Industrial Food and Beverage Production
The Food and Beverage manufacturing industry is under a steadily growing pressure. Once an investment is in place, and as long as there is demand for the products, the production teams are under pressure to produce as much as possible with existing production facilities, whilst keeping costs as low as possible. This free white paper contains guidelines for selecting software applications and building solutions.
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Independent software for the Food & Beverage industry: A Guide to Flexible and Sustainable Automation Solutions
Every food & beverage plant faces challenges. Those challenges might include those that are common to most manufacturing companies, for instance, the pressure to produce more, more quickly and at a lower cost or the need to integrate diverse systems and equipment from different manufacturers. Or, it might include challenges that are specific to the food and beverage sector, such as the need for greater flexibility in terms of production line changes and the need to respond to demands for improved information. It is our contention that automation should help Plants to meet these challenges and underwrite the mission to support new ideas and objectives - not to limit them, and not to bring unnecessary and costly constraints.
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Innovative Ingredients in Support of Weight Management
| By Sabinsa
The inflammatory cycle is often treated with a "band aid" type approach to quell immediate pain. However it is inflammation as a lingering, rather than an acute process that is increasingly attracting attention. It is considered as the root-cause of many diseases that remain poorly understood or treated.
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Instant Assessment of Hazards from Raw Meat
| By Hygiena International
In food law enforcement 45% of infringements are due to failures in general hygiene standards and 37% of all infringements are due to microbiological contamination. Meat and fish products have the largest number of microbiological infringement (29%) compared to all other foodstuffs and they present the largest single food safety hazard due to the presence of potentially pathogenic bacteria. It has been calculated that every 1% reduction in the incidence of foodborne disease in the UK extrapolates to 10,000 fewer cases each year with a saving of £15 million.
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Is Multihead Weighing Right For My Product?
| By Ishida Europe
In this article, Nigel Smith of Ishida Europe, will first look at the main methods of dosing packs with which multihead weighing competes, and then at multihead weighing itself. He will then run through some major solid food areas, attempting to give a preliminary indication to readers as to whether this method is suited to their application.
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Is This the World’s Best Microwave-Mix Cake?
| By Palsgaard
Microwave cake mixes don’t always deliver the pleasurable, convenient experience consumers hope for. Now, food manufacturers can take advantage of ingredients producer Palsgaard’s latest research results to develop an entirely new level of cake quality with comparatively few ingredients.
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