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Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health
| By Atlantia Food Clinical Trials Ltd
Atlantia Food Clinical Trials has experience in conducting trials in the related areas of cardiovascular health, metabolic health and obesity.
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Chemical Hazards in Food
| By Campden BRI
A description of the main chemical hazards that can contaminate foods, how they arise and how they can be managed.
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Chloramphenicol: Are you at Risk from Chloramphenicol Contamination?
| By Intertek Food Services
Chloramphenicol (CAP) was one of the most common antibiotics approved for use in humans and food producing animals in the 1940s and 1950s. However, due to its adverse side effects on humans, it has been banned from use in food producing animals since the 1990s in the US and in Europe. How can you ensure your products aren’t at risk from Chloramphenicol contamination?
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Clean Label from Empure
| By Emsland-Stärke GmbH
Clean label nutrition – or foodstuffs free of E-numbers and chemical-sounding ingredients – is an influential factor in the food industry, as consumers are checking declarations very thoroughly and opting for the most natural products available.
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Cleaning and Hygiene: The Front Line Defence for Food Safety
| By Hygiena International
Preventing food poisoning is a key focus of any food safety system. Food poisoning is usually caused by the proliferation of undesirable microorganism. Cross-contamination and inadequate sanitation are major contributory factors. Accordingly Good Hygienic Practices are primary preventative controls measures that are part of the essential Operational Pre-Requisites Programs of modern food safety systems.
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Clinical Trials
| By Intertek Food Services
Clinical trials are now an essential component for foods and food constituents in order to increase support for health claims. In most jurisdictions, animal and in vitro studies, on their own, are insufficient for the scientific substantiation of health claims. Instead, there is a requirement for data from well-controlled human intervention studies.
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Colorimetric Methods for Evaluating Tomato Products
| By Hunter Associates Laboratory
Color is an indication of the quality and freshness of tomato products like Paste, Sauce, Juice, Catsup and many more. As tomatoes are processed, their value is graded based on color.
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Competition for the Suction Depanner
| By Capway Systems
Capway Systems BV. from the Netherlands intends to revolutionize the depanner technique through the needle depanner. We had an interview with the CEO, Kees van Dam, about the company's further planning.
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Consumption Optimization in Food and Beverage Production Using zenon
The Food and Beverage industry, like many industries, faces the challenge to continually optimize consumed quantities - typically expressed relatively to the production quantity - as a basis for increasing business profit. For more information, please download this free white paper.
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Control of Norovirus on a Cruise Ship
| By Hygiena International
Norovirus is the most prevalent cause of infectious gastroenteritis in England and Wales (HPA, 2013), It has a single-stranded RNA genome, a nonenveloped protein capsid protecting it from environmental degradation, and is highly infectious. Outbreaks of norovirus result in a substantial economic cost to the cruise industry and the disease burden is often difficult to quantify, with deaths and longterm outcomes often under reported.
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Convenience Food
| By Walter Rau
Convenience vegetable oils and fats from Walter Rau.
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Cooling Tunnel Solution
| By Munters
The vast majority of confectionery products are cooled in a tunnel during their production. During this cooling process, condensation may occur causing sticking, crystallisation and discolouration of products.
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Corporate Sustainability: A Guide to Measuring and Improving Energy Efficiencies
| By TOMRA Sorting Food
As environmental scrutiny of global industries continues to grow, governments are seeking to impose energy efficiency targets on companies in order to comply with new directives. One solution is to encourage energy suppliers to become energy service companies, who work with customers to identify potential savings and share the benefits this delivers.
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Cosmetic Products - Safety Assessments and Regulatory Support
| By Intertek Food Services
Cosmetics are a globally expanding industry and include products for skin care, hair care, nail care, make-up, and fragrances. Cosmetics encompass not only traditional personal care products, but also products in the emerging fields of cosmeceuticals and nutricosmetics.
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Cost Effective Cleaning Validation for Allergens
| By Hygiena International
Effective cleaning is usually identified as a pre-requisite for most GMP and HAACP plans in the food industry and cleaning is often considered a critical control point (CCP) for allergen control. Cleaning is designed to remove food residues that contain many common components such as ATP (adenosine triphosphate), protein and sugars. Some of these foods may also contain allergens. The more effective the cleaning procedure, then the lower the amount of food residues, and hence the lower the risk. Using the most sensitive detection methods gives the greatest assurance of cleaning efficacy.
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Curcuminoids from Curcuma Longa in Disease Prevention and Treatment
| By Sabinsa
The inflammatory cycle is often treated with a "band aid" type approach to quell immediate pain. However it is inflammation as a lingering, rather than an acute process that is increasingly attracting attention. It is considered as the root-cause of many diseases that remain poorly understood or treated.
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Customized Milk Fat Premixes
| By Uelzena
We supply customized PREMIXES based on cream, butter fat and/or fractionated milk fat as O/W or W/O emulsions. The addition of other ingredients is possible.
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