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B&P Engineering - Services
| By B & P Engineering
B&P Engineering provides industrial cutting services and artistic metalworking. We manufacture unique products using a pallet of standard templates and fulfil the creative visions of even the most requiring customers.
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Bakery Products
| By Walter Rau
Vegetable oils and fats from Walter Rau.
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Baking Science into Success
| By Dow Food Solutions
Dow Pharma & Food Solutions offers a broad range of ingredients for the bakery market. For us, providing food manufacturers with highly functional ingredients that help improve the quality of their products is only part of the story. It’s much more about a drive to find novel solutions that help consumers live healthier, more convenient and enjoyable lives. Our ingredients help give bakery products a soft crumb structure, improved volume and enduring moistness.
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Benchtop QA Systems from the NMR Specialists
| By Oxford Instruments
Oxford Instruments is a world leader in the application of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) techniques to QA applications. Thousands of first-generation Continuous Wave (CW) instruments were installed around the world, many of them still in use for measurements of fat in chocolate, oil in seeds and hydrogen in aviation fuel. In more recent years, pulsed NMR instruments have taken over from CW, and once again Oxford Instruments has led the way with the QP20, QP20+ and MQA series instruments. The MQC benchtop NMR analyser inherits this tradition, and brings new levels of practicality to QA applications.
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Benefit from Simple and Efficient Engineering in Food and Beverage Manufacturing
Engineering is a key task within the factory life cycle. For the purposes of this document, we concentrate in particular on software engineering for process and factory automation. To find out more, please download this free white paper.
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Bizerba: How to Prevent Recall Campaigns of Bakery Products
| By Bizerba fbr
Most of the approximately 3,000 food recalls occurring in the EU each year can be attributed to contamination of the product or questionable contents. Although adequate quality management can certainly reduce such risks, ultimate safety can only be obtained by using processes and equipment capable of reliably detecting any foreign objects or incorrect labels. This white paper describes some of the product safety challenges facing the bread and bakery industry. It illustrates the consequences of wrongly marked products and explains the technologies available for adequate protection.
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Boost Your Resilience
| By Sabinsa
In the 1950's endocrinologist Hans Selye described stress as "the consequence of the failure to adapt to change, specifically the inability to respond appropriately to emotional or physical threats to the organism, whether actual or imagined." It is a logical inference, therefore, that coping with stress involves approaches that boost an individual's adaptability to change. Nature provides a number of phytonutrients that function as relaxants, "adaptogens" or "revitalizers", with a positive influence on the symptoms of stress including anxiety, insomnia, depression and irritability.
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BrainTrust of Ingredients
| By Sabinsa
The brain is the master regulatory organ that directly or indirectly controls the function of all the other organs and tissues in the body. Any dysfunctions in the brain eventually have an effect on other body functions.
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BRC Global Standard for Food Safety
| By Intertek Food Services
Food safety is of paramount importance. Food poisoning and contamination incidents have caused the recall of products and in some cases even the death of consumers.
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Breaking New Boundaries: Simple Rapid Multiple Test System
| By Hygiena International
Dr Martin Easter notes that ATP bioluminescence is a well-established and recognised test that is mainly used for cleaning verification purpose in several industries. However, recent developments in hardware and reagent chemistry have made it specific for specified bacteria and other markers of food safety thereby extending is applications and uses.
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| By Kroma
In order to smoke fish, it must be brined. In normal conditions, brine must contain of at least 8% sodium chloride (NaCl). Brining process is taking approximately 24 hours for fish to get soaked, depending on fish specie and brine concentration. After using brine it can’t be used once more without being filtered as it contains fats, proteins and mineral substances. Brining in general consumes a lot of time in order to get ready for next steps of processing. Kroma A/S found way to reduce time in brining.
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Bringing the Power of PCR DNA Identification to Food Safety
| By Hygiena International
When the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was discovered nearly 35 years ago, it ushered in a revolution in biology. However, at the time of its discovery, few scientists or engineers foresaw how the technology would lead to another type of revolution in food safety.
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Butter Fat 99.8%
| By Uelzena
Concentrated butter, made from cream or butter with a fat content of 99.8%, contains 0.1% water max, available in “fine“ or “soft“ qualities, i.e. aerated with nitrogen. Upon request, also available with added carotene or vanillin.
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Bürkert Fluid Control Systems: Steam
| By Bürkert
Our focus on steam derives from a commitment to our customers to work with the physical attributes of the application environments of your world. In this overview you will find examples which allow you to find out more about our core process expertise.
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