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A Comparison of Commerical ATP Hygiene Monitoring Systems
| By Hygiena International
The application of ATP bioluminescence for hygiene monitoring provides a simple, rapid, direct, objective test for cleaning verfication. It is a sophisticated sensitive indicator test of hygienic status and potential risk.
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A Complete Program of Chocolate and Center Depositors
| By Aasted ApS
An Aasted depositor will make every chocolate moulding line produce the unique. Built-in precision, high quality and flexibility are some of the unique features you get with Aasted depositors. In our Technology Centre an enthusiastic group of staff is working - experienced people and young people side by side - chock-full of ideas. To them the word "impossible" does not exist. They feel an exciting challenge in finding unique cut corners for achieving the optimum result for each customer.
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Accelerated Shelf-life Testing of Natural Colours in Model Food Systems
A significant part of the UK food industry is moving from artificial colours towards natural alternatives. However, natural colours are less stable and more expensive. The lack of stability can be a problem when natural colours are added to food products with a long ambient shelf-life.
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Acemal White Paper: Solutions in Action
| By Acemal
Acemal specialises in the construction of industrial equipment fo the cookies industry and more specifically for the waffles industry since 1965. It offers a wide range of equipment, from individual modules to complete production lines.
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Advancements in Turmeric
| By Sabinsa
Recent studies, debates and takeaways.
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Advantages of the QIAxcel System for Bacterial Genotyping
Comparative Genomic Fingerprinting (CGF) is an advanced method for C. jejuni subtyping developed at Laboratory for Foodborne Zoonoses, Public Health Agency of Canada, Lethbridge, Alberta, CA. This method generates data that, while highly concordant with MLST, provides additional discriminatory power required for a range of epidemiologic applications, including case cluster detection and outbreak detection. Integration of the QIAxcel Advanced platform into the CGF workflow has led to a high-throughput and low cost subtyping assay that is suitable for deployment in the context of a national laboratory surveillance system.
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Advertising Food in the EU: Regulatory Challenges Worldwide
| By Leatherhead Food Research
This whitepaper, written by Leatherhead’s Sukh Gill and Georgia Taylor, outlines the key regulatory provisions controlling advertising and distils these into a basic compliance checklist to consider when developing advertising.
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Allergen Control & Management: Practical Implications for Cleaning and Monitoring
| By Hygiena International
The control of allergens is a significant concern for food manufacturers. However, the absence of universally agreed acceptable allergen levels has led to the overuse of fail-safe warning or pre-cautionary labelling. This lack of guidance is causing a great deal of confusion on the best approach to control allergen risks.
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Allergen Labelling Cribsheet
| By Campden BRI
The main do’s and don’ts of product labelling for allergens.
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Allergen Testing
| By Intertek Food Services
Accurate and reliable detection of allergens helps manufacturers to meet labelling requirements and protects the health of consumers. This is particularly prevelant for those who suffer from anaphylaxis due to certain types of food.
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Application Improvements
| By Emsland-Stärke GmbH
Download our free white paper to discover how we are bringing quality, variety and versatility to the market.
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Artisan Perfection made in Sweden
| By Revent
We’re the number one rack oven producer with representatives all over the world, offering our baking technologies to bread lovers everywhere e.g. the all-new Revent rotolsole – the first rotating rack oven to bake like a deck oven.
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Atlantia Explores the Placebo Effect: Is Achieving Trial Success all in our Minds?
| By Atlantia Food Clinical Trials Ltd
Atlantia delves into research element surrounding the placebo effect. The study of the placebo response, and other closely related phenomena, has been a constant source of fascination since they were first described. Over the last decade we have observed a great increase in the amount of dedicated experimental work performed on these processes, and ultimately we have arrived at a consensus that they constitute real psychobiological phenomena with fundamental implications for the pathophysiology and management of medical conditions.
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ATP Hygiene Monitoring Do Sanitisers Really Affect Measurements?
| By Hygiena International
The use of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) as a marker of cleaning and hygiene has been well established in industrial food processing since the early 1980s. The test method is called ATP bioluminescence which uses an enzyme called luciferase and its properties were determined by McElroy and Strehler in 1949.
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Australian Foodservice: The Future of Foodservice in Australia to 2016
| By Canadean Food
The Australian foodservice market remained resilient throughout the 2008 global financial crisis, with the country‘s continued GDP growth helping to ensure strong foodservice sales, and only causing the growth of the market to slow, rather than the decline seen in many other countries worldwide. Overall in 2011, total foodservice sales valued AUD44,241.2 million, with sales and the number of transactions increasing as a result of a growing shift towards smaller households and working families.
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