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Processed Foods
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Sveba-Dahlen AB - Bakery Equipment and Ovens for Professional Baking

Sveba-Dahlen develops, markets and manufactures rack, deck, pizza and tunnel ovens, proving chambers and fermentation lines for both small and large bakeries, supermarkets, industrial bakeries and pizzerias, restaurants and large kitchens.

SvebaSveba-Dahlen was founded in 1948, and today it is a world leader in development and manufacturing of equipment for the bakery industry. Sveba-Dahlen has led the development of baking ovens. Sveba-Dahlen market and produce ovens for professional baking, and also provide a complete range of bakery equipment for all types of bakeries, large and small. Their biggest sales success is the classic deck oven series, which is in use all over the world, as well as the pizza version, which has also become tremendously popular. Sveba-Dahlen also supply electrical and gas-fired tunnel ovens, as well as provers, retarder provers, and freezer provers.

Rotating rack ovens

In 1964 Sveba-Dahlen invented the rotating rack oven, which changed the face of baking. The rotating rack oven changed the way that large quantities were baked. Different types of rotating rack ovens can be found in almost every bakery in the market.

Apart from deck and rack ovens Sveba-Dahlen also produces electrical and gas-fired tunnel ovens, provers, retarder-provers and freezer-provers.

Sveba-Dahlen's ovens are built to satisfy requirements for high productivity with low operating and maintenance


Supermarkets have a steady flow of customers every day, and the pace in the supermarket is often fast. The bakery section is no exception to this, and selling bread and cakes is just part of the overall picture.

With Sveba-Dahlens knowledge and expertise, they can help to put together the most appropriate concept for you. They offer energy-efficient solutions which result in the ideal baking process, thus benefiting both the supermarket and its customers.


Sveba-Dahlen focus on the big picture when they develop bakery solutions.

For bakers, Sveba-Dahlen ensure they have reliable, efficient products to work with which are easy to operate. For the business in general, they reduce energy costs and provide a continuous service which provides a great sense of security, 365 days a year.

They also offer training and installation of all their products.

Hotel, Restaurant and Catering

Meeting the expectations of catering clients, restaurant diners and hotel guests involves giving them quality and superior equipment is a basic requirement in this case, and this is one of the characteristic of the Sveba-Dahlen range of products.

Flexibility is also needed. What is to be baked, and how much of it, can differ widely from day to day. That is why Sveba-Dahlen ovens have been developed so that they can be easily adapted to accommodate different volumes and different types of baking.

Industrial bakery

For industrial bakeries, production capacity has to remain high day after day, and disruptions have to be kept to a minimum.

Efficiency is largely dependent on how the system is put together.All Sveba-Dahlen customers have their own specific needs and requirements, and so Sveba-Dahlen now specialise in customising energy-efficient solutions for each and every industrial bakery.

Industrivägen 8
513 82 Fristad
Org. nr 556081-9350
Phone: +46 33 - 151500
Fax: +46 33 - 151599
E-mail: info@sveba-dahlen.se