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HunterLab – Colour Measurement Services & Colorimetry Products for Quality Control

When your customers expect - and demand - colour consistency and accuracy, when colour is a critical indicator of product quality or process control, when your reputation depends on the colour quality of your product, you can trust HunterLab to provide the best, truest colorimetry products in the world.

At HunterLab, colour measurement is our sole passion: we are the originator of the science, innovator of the technology, and the most widely known and respected name in the colour measurement business. Colour measurement is all we do, and we've done it for 60 years.

Spectrophotometers and colorimeters

Whatever your product, we have the right measurement solution. Uniquely designed for the food industry, our spectrophotometers and colorimeters are uniquely designed to provide calculations in a number of colour measurement scales.


This allows you to custom tailor your HunterLab colour analyzer to meet your specific needs. Additionally there are more specific, colour measurement values available, such as those for caramel, coffee, tomato colour, and citrus colour.

Unique 45/0 technology in portable, bench, and on-line instrumentation

We provide products that measure colour the way your eye sees it - critical for the food industry. HunterLab pioneered the 45/0 technology that gives the true measure of colour and we are the only colour measurement company that offers 45/0 technology in portable, bench, and on-line instrumentation.

HunterLab is the safe bet and reliable choice by food manufacturers. In fact, 95 of the top 100 food industry leaders rely on HunterLab for their colour measurement needs. The food industry also chooses HunterLab for consistency and dependable quality. HunterLab sales and support extend globally, ensuring you a consistency of measurement regardless of location or instrument.

Benchtop colorimeters

D25LT is a benchtop colorimeter with a large diameter viewing area of 12cm. This instrument is perfectly suited for those products with non-uniform shape and colour, such as nuts, crackers, chips, crisps or cookies. It is available in either port up or down measurement configurations to conform to your sample requirements.

Colour analyzers

With the ability to measure reflectance and transmission, the ColorQuest XE and UltraScan VIS are extremely versatile colour analyzers. They can accurately measure a large variety of sample types ranging from beverages to powders to dairy products, among many others.

Rugged spectrophotometers

Simple to operate, its combination of small footprint and sample flexibility make the ColorFlex EZ spectrophotometer a popular choice, especially considering its affordability and reputation for rugged construction. In response to market demand, HunterLab has even developed citrus and tomato score specific models.


Benchtop spectrophotometers

The LabScan XE measures many different types of samples with the largest area of view available in any benchtop spectrophotometer. One unique feature is its capability to measure translucent foods such as dairy, powder and tomato products. Coupled with our powerful EasyMatch QC software, it is the right instrument for many sample measurement requirements.

Non-contact spectrophotometers

The newest, most innovative HunterLab product is an on-line, non-contact spectrophotometer possessing the same legendary accuracy and reliability built into every HunterLab product. The SpectraTrend HT 2.0's small footprint and network capability make it exceptionally easy to integrate into your existing production lines.

Colour calibration software

Powerful, versatile and easy to integrate into your existing process systems, EasyMatch QC colour calibration software is the perfect complement to HunterLab instrumentation. EasyMatch QC provides you with unlimited ability to record and analyze measurement data. Additionally, EasyMatch QC Citrus and EasyMatch QC Tomato provide specific measurement standard guides for both citrus value and tomato value.


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