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Vacuum Fillers For All Sizes of Producers

By Handtmann

The VF 600 filling technology features optimum feeding, dynamic servo drive technology and powerful vacuum performance, thus providing the best conditions for the highest possible production output. The perfect interplay of vane cell feed system, integrated weight compensation and excellent control technology guarantee outstanding product quality and portioning performance with gram accuracy.

For small-scale production

VF 608 plus - The VF 608 vacuum filler is more specifically customised to the needs of small-scale producer in performance and handling.


  • Compact control with 10" display and Windows-CE control interface
  • Great versatility and flexibility for applications with all types of products
  • Up to 40% reduction in residual meat for cold and solid dry sausage products
  • Simple combination with auxiliary attachments, such as clipping machines


VF 610 plus - with powerful, effective filling capacity, high filling pressure and fast linking, the VF 610 plus offers larger small-scale producers the safety of being able to manage all their tasks with ease


  • Compact control with 10" display and Windows-CE control interface
  • Great versatility and flexibility for applications with all types of products
  • Larger batches can be processed quickly. The VF 610 shows off the "plus"
  • Simple combination with auxiliary attachments, such as clipping machines


VF 612 H - provides handicraft business with the opportunity to produce a wide product range with first-class product quality. The arm lifting and tilting device allows fatigue-free filling of batches


  • Compact control with 10" display and Windows-CE control interface
  • High degree of versatility and flexibility in applications for all types of products
  • Easy synchronisation of auxiliary devices, such as clippers, round formers, cutting unit
  • With arm lifting and tilting device type

Performance data


For medium-sized producers

High performance with first-class product quality, versatility and reliability are the main features of the Handtmann VF 612 and VF 616 vacuum fi llers. It is especially important for medium-scale producers to be able to use highperformance, fl exible vacuum fillers. Managing peaks in orders, producing large volumes and still being able to offer a wide product portfolio are the key factors. VF 612 and VF 616 are tailor-made for this sector.


  • High production output and accurate portion weights.
  • Optimum feeding and effective vacuum system for first-class product quality.
  • Gentle processing of all types of products and casings.
  • Fast product change due to central control technology.
  • Long service life and low wear due to industrial-standard technologies.
  • Easy to combine with a variety of additional equipment.
  • VF 612 and VF 616 as basic units in production line solutions, such as AL systems.


For industry

Handtmann VF 600 sets the standards for vacuum filling technology. The Handtmann VF 600 vacuum filler model range is unique. Pioneering technology, which is demonstrated above all in components that are the key to success, such as feeding, the vane cell feed system, the control technology and ergonomics. A reliable basis for a strong production environment.


Only quality guarantees quality
The Handtmann quality philosophy - only excellent vacuum filler material and processing quality ensure long-term, top product quality that can be relied on. The intrinsic qualities of the VF 600 prove what the exclusive design promises - long service life, low maintenance costs and very low wear.

Efficiency, performance and economy
Performance brings revenue. With its no-compromise filling and portioning capacity, the VF 600 is designed for
economical and efficient production, while also being versatile and flexible. Due to its easy handling, fast product
change, portioning accuracy and precise control, it produces impressive results in various aspects of cost optimisation. It allows for the possibility of expansion and changes in capacity.

Maximum versatility
Handtmann is an experienced technology supplier and specialist in developing solutions in the field of meat and
sausage applications. The spectrum of products is large and a broad range of options for implementing new product ideas is available for trendsetters. For example, the VF 600 vacuum fillers make it possible to turn product ideas into profitable production standards, with fish, salads, pastry, cheese, confectionary and convenience products. Creativity knows no bounds, as products of all qualities can be portioned to accurate weights. The fillers allow for upstream process steps as well as professional, downstream subsequent processing, customers' wishes and new market requirements.

  • VF 628 with monitor control, 10" display and Windows-CE control interface
  • High discharge pressure and drive power guarantee the best performance
  • Outstanding evacuation for first-class product quality
  • Patented built-in weight compensation provides pressure and volume compensation
    in vane cells for very high portioning accuracy
  • Using the Handtmann GD 93-3 a inline grinder ensures outstanding product quality and fewer process steps
  • Flexible range of uses, for example with Handtmann AL lines, forming machines, etc.
  • Easy synchronisation of auxiliary attachments, for example clipping machines
  • Flexible integration into line solutions and powerful basic module

Performance data
Filling capacity: 4800kg/h - 14.400kg/h
Filling pressure: up to 72 bar
Hopper content: 90/240 or 90/350L

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