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Forbo - Conveyor and Processing Belts

Forbo Siegling is a worldwide leading manufacturer of conveyor and processing belts made from modern synthetic materials. Forbo Siegling pays special attention to the requirements of the food processing industry – tailoring a special range of HACCP conveyor and processing belts to ensure food is produced, processed and packaged efficiently and hygienically. Forbo Siegling has stood for high quality since 1919.

Conveyor and processing belts

Transilon plastic conveyor belts with fabric tension member are safe, resistant to oil and grease and are BfR, EU (1935/2004) and FDA compliant. The special HACCP types provide further hygiene advantages.

Plastic modular conveyor belting

ProLink plastic modular belting is an excellent solution for hygienic applications. All standard materials used are FDA and USDA compliant, rot-resistant and durable with preventative hygiene protection.

Processing methods and conditions are as varied as the range of foods consumed. Apart from basic conveying, Transilon conveyor and processing belts and ProLink plastic modular conveyor belting are geared towards the special requirements of different processing applications.

HACCP hygienic conveyor belts

In all hygiene-sensitive areas our HACCP conveyor belts reliably support your HACCP concept so that it is legally watertight. We offer new materials for both the conveyor belts with fabric tension member and for the modular belts. HACCP belts are hydrolysis-resistant and have a smooth surface with good release properties.

We offer a comprehensive range of blue belts for a strong colour contrast and better working conditions. Special belt designs and/or belt edge sealing can prevent the penetration of water and other substances into the belt.

Our two key HACCP conveyor belt ranges are:

  • Transilon® conveyor and processing belts
  • ProLink® plastic modular conveyor belting

Meat and poultry conveyor and processing belts

Transilon conveyor belts with resistant PVC surfaces are easy to clean with hot water and are extremely durable thanks to their excellent resistance to oil and grease. Cutting and chopping can be done on especially incision-resistant types.

ProLink modular conveyor belts are even around the hinges, making them easy to clean and resistant towards incision and scratches.

Fish conveyor and processing belts

Transilon conveyor belts are resistant to decay and rot and remain dimensionally stable and flexible despite frequent cleaning. On and offshore they are used for conveying, skinning, filleting and freezing. Different patterns make inclined conveying possible without using additional profiles.

ProLink plastic modular belts are excellent for deep-freezing (depending on the material down to -70ºC). The high level of permeability to water of certain modular types permits drainage required in production.

Confectionery conveyor and processing belts

Transilon belts are available with patterned surfaces and dehesive coatings with excellent release properties to sticky goods such as toffee or chewing gum.

Belts suitable for knife-edges with good thermal conductivity make cooling hot chocolate on the cooling line quicker.

Cooling lines can also be realised with ProLink modular belts that have low reversing radii with a high level of permeability.

Conveying lines for baked goods

Transilon processing belts shape the dough and convey it to the individual processing machines. After baking, the products are cooled down on ProLink modular belts. When using curved modules with high permeability, the cooling process is controlled ideally in cooling towers.

Dairy processing and conveying lines

Dairy products 'coagulate', placing high demands on belt hygiene and durability. Special PVC coated types fulfil these demands continually and reliably. Incision-resistant surfaces allow portioning on the belt. Using special surfaces and dimensionally stable belt constructions make continuous conveying of the products possible.

ProLink modular belts guarantee hygienic conveying that is kind to packaging in the filling department.

Conveying fruit and vegetables

Transilon belts guarantee careful, but quick, conveying of fruit and vegetables during processing. They are resistant to fruit acids and have long service lives. When equipped with profiles and sidewalls they are often used for inclined conveying.

Permeable ProLink modular belts simplify processing, particularly during the cleaning process. With profiles and sidewalls, inclined conveying is also possible.


Forbo Siegling GmbH
Postfach 53 46
Lilienthalstraße 6/8
D-30053 Hannover
Tel: +49 511 6704 0
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Email: siegling@forbo.com
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