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Ciba Expert Services - Providing Solutions and Consultancy to the Food Industry

Expert Services delivers a diverse range of technical and consultancy solutions for the food industry. We have a global network of experts that helps customers in highly regulated industries to achieve compliance, efficiency and sustainable business success.

Whether you intend to market a food ingredient, a nutritional supplement, a natural health product or a food derived from biotechnology, each presents business opportunities and challenges. Our expertise can help you navigate the scientific and regulatory requirements these products must meet in order to be marketed. We provide the most expedient and cost-effective route to satisfy worldwide scientific and regulatory approval requirements.

Product development

When clients invest money in the development of a new product, we can help protect your investment by:

  • Providing global regulatory strategic planning and assessments.
  • Preparing technical submissions
  • Guiding products through pre-market approval and commercialisation processes
  • Conducting product safety evaluations (e.g. toxicology, allergenicity, contaminant exposure)
  • Compiling nutritional and dietary intake assessments of food components
  • Substantiating health-related claims for foods / food components and supplements
  • Designing, placing and monitoring safety, nutritional and efficacy studies
  • Packaging design

Today, a global perspective is essential to gain approval in multiple markets. Our professionals have regulatory experience in over 100 countries. Top international food and supplements companies and ingredient manufacturers come back to us time after time because we help move their businesses forward successfully.


Our analytical speciality is non-routine problem solving by a combination of highly skilled, experienced and motivated staff as well as extensive state-of-the-art instrumentation including spectroscopic investigations and demanding analytical separations.

  • Method development
  • Structure elucidation
  • Identification and quantification of transformation or degradation of products
  • Measurement of extractable and leachables from food contact packaging
  • Characterisation of complex formulations
  • Failure analysis

Process safety and powder handling

From our extensive practical experience of testing and handling powders, we offer testing and consultancy in process and thermal safety, electrostatics and dust explosion hazards, process hazards / risk assessment and EHS management systems and operational guidelines.

Product-specific services

Our range of product-specific services includes:

  • Food additives and ingredients, including Generally Recognised As Safe (GRAS) substances
  • Natural Health Products (NHP) and supplements
  • Flavours and colours
  • Foods derived from biotechnology
  • Medical foods
  • Food contact substances
  • Feed additives and pet food

Environmental Services (wastewater, off gas, energy, carbon footprints & life cycle assesment)

Our Environmental Technology group can carry out emmision analysis, evaluate and design in process or end of pipe treatment solutions and help with environmental reporting to authorities. Ciba ET has over 30 years experience in the field of environmental engineering and consultancy and has extensive pilot testing facilities where new technologies can be trialled in the lab or at customer sites.

Why choose us?

  • Expert Services maintains a global network of experts that supplies technical and consultancy solutions to the food industry.
  • Many leading food and supplements companies rely on our specialised technical and consultancy services.
  • We have extensive practical experience of testing and handling powders.
  • We specialise in non-routine problem-solving through a combination of state-of-the-art instrumentation including spectroscopic investigations and demanding analytical separations.
  • Expert Services helps navigate the global scientific and regulatory requirements that food products must meet in order to be marketable.


Ciba Expert Services
CH-4002 Basel
Tel: +41 6163 68472
Email: mara_beatrice.guzzetti@ciba.com
URL: www.cibaexpertservices.com