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Carl Zeiss MicroImaging - Atline / Online / Inline Solutions for Quality and Process Control for the Food Industry

Carl Zeiss offers for the whole agriculture and food business value chain UV/ VIS- and NIR systems which are optimised for the demands of the special applications in the foodstuff industry. These different technologies provide the possibility to monitor the quality during the intake and process control and process optimisation as well as in the laboratory for routine analysis.

Quality monitoring during food production

0For quality monitoring operations during food production, Carl Zeiss offers further solutions. The CORONA PLUS has been designed specifically for the measurement of ingredients and colour of bulk materials in pipes or chain conveyors.

The compact, light and robust spectrometer can be installed in a production line very easily. The new optical design enables very short measurement times and provides constant monitoring, for example, in the flour milling process. It provides real time results to the control system so that immediate adjustments to the process can be made.

Spectrometer with measurement probe

0The MCS 600 spectrometer with ARMOR, the distance measurement probe, is designed for the contact-free in-line measurement of ingredients (protein, fat, water, lean meat protein content (BEFFE), pH-Value ...) of different products on a belt conveyor or in a cutter.

A special feature of the ARMOR measurement probe is the automatic reference system, which permits precise measurements even if there are large distances between the measuring probe and the sample material. This allows measurements to be performed in areas where an even mound height of the sample material cannot be ensured.

An excellent application for the MCS 600 with the ARMOR measurement probe is in the meat industry. This has also seen an increased concentration of production capacities accompanied by increasing production output. These processes go hand in hand with the new demands being placed on production quality and the requirement for 100% traceability of all raw materials and other ingredients. To achieve these requirements, measurements and analytical methods are needed that guarantee uninterrupted product analysis in the manufacturing process. The results obtained must be immediately available as the control parameters for process optimisation.

The MCS 600 with the ARMOR measurement probe is the optimal solution for these demands. The extremely fast measurement time in milliseconds provides continuous monitoring of fast product flows. The mechanical properties and the protection level allows for usage in the meat industry.

Sub-sample testing equipment for beverages and foodstuffs

0For sub-sample testing of incoming goods we offer the CORONA PLUS in combination with a TURNSTEP, which can also be used for analysis in a laboratory environment. This combination permits large quantities of samples to be measured in the laboratory within seconds.

This means that quality-critical parameters of the constituents used for beverages and other foodstuffs can be measured with higher accuracy; an essential requirement for ensuring constant quality of the end product. Another advantage is that for the process control and the sub-sample testing the same device can be used. This possibility enables comparable results and it can be used in the same calibration in the laboratory, as well as for process control, monitoring and optimisation.

You can find everything you need from Carl Zeiss for the control and optimisation of your production process in the food industry.

Contact details:

Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH
Optical Sensor Systems
Carl Zeiss Promenade 10
07745 Jena
Tel. +49 3641 64 2838
Fax +49 3641 64 2485
Email: info.spektralsensorik@zeiss.de
URL: www.zeiss.de/spectral