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Solvay Aroma Performance - Producers of Vanillin and Vanilla Flavours Solvay Aroma Performance is a worldwide leader in vanilla and vanillin flavours. We are the first producers of the vanillin molecule on an industrial-scale and we also invented ethyl-vanillin in the 1970s.
Condiments & Ingredients > Ingredients > Suppliers Sopheon - Product Lifecycle Management Software Sopheon is an international provider of product lifecycle management software and services.
Suppliers Spiroflow - Manufacturer and Supplier of Conveyors, Cables, Dischargers, Filler's and Weighing Systems Spiroflow Ltd manufacture and supply flexible screw conveyors, aero mechanical conveyors, tubular cable and chain drag conveyors, vacuum conveyors, bulk bag dischargers, bulk bag filler's, ingredients handling and weighing systems.
Suppliers Spooner – Bespoke Solutions in Proving, Baking, Toasting, Drying and Cooling Since 1932 Spooner Industries has provided pioneering technology and bespoke solutions in proving, baking, toasting, drying and cooling. For a diverse range of food products including bread, biscuits, cereals, pies, confectionary, pastry, pet foods, fast foods and ingredients.
Food Technology > Process & Production > Suppliers SPX - Where Ideas Meet Industry SPX is a partner who can help you meet the modern demands of the food and beverage manufacturing industry. We have one of the widest range of equipment designed specifically for this market area and a deep understanding of the processes and challenges faced today. Our innovative and flexible solutions are well proven and designed to meet the paramount need for food safety alongside flexible, high efficiency, low energy production.
Food Technology > Process & Production > Suppliers Sveba-Dahlen AB - Bakery Equipment and Ovens for Professional Baking Sveba-Dahlen develops, markets and manufactures rack, deck, pizza and tunnel ovens, proving chambers and fermentation lines for both small and large bakeries, supermarkets, industrial bakeries and pizzerias, restaurants and large kitchens.
Processed Foods > Bakery & Cereals > Suppliers Temperature Technology - Temperature Measurement and Monitoring Temperature Technology manufacture and import a selected range of instruments for the measuring and monitoring of temperature and related physical quantities mA, relative humidity. These include thermometers, data loggers, circular chart recorders and refrigerated vehicle (for trucks and vans) recorders with printing ability.
Food Technology > Process & Production > Suppliers Tetra Pak - Processing, Packaging and Aseptic Technology Together with our customers, we make food safe and available, everywhere.
Food Technology > Packaging > Suppliers Tharos Ltd - On-Site Krill and Marine Consulting Tharos specialises in krill and marine business consulting and logistics. If you develop marine-based products, we have the resources you need.
Suppliers TIPPER TIE - Suppliers of Food Processing and Packaging Machines TIPPER TIE is a worldwide supplier of processing and packaging machines. A Dover company with a long history in the meat and poultry industries, TIPPER TIE is also active in baked goods, produce, nuts, food ingredients and pet food. Outside of food, the company is a trusted partner to manufacturers of packaged explosives, adhesives, sealants and other industrial products.
Food Technology > Process & Production > Suppliers TITAN ArcticStore - Portable Cold-Storage Units TITAN ArcticStore specialises in the sale and hire of portable cold storage units. We deliver temperature-controlled storage solutions to your site from our network of depots across Europe, the Middle East and the US. Modern, efficient and clean, our refrigerated containers are at the cutting-edge of technology. We combine exceptional service with competitive rates.
Marketing & Regulatory > Supply Chain > Suppliers TOMRA Sorting Food-Leading Provider of Sensor-Based Food Sorting Machines TOMRA Sorting Food is part of TOMRA Sorting Solutions, a global sensor-based sorting systems pioneer in the recycling, mining and other industries. The company develops and utilizes a powerful combination of technologies across these industries with over 10,500 systems installed in 80 countries, improving efficiencies and yields around the world.
Food Technology > Process & Production > Suppliers TREIF - Passion for Food Cutting TREIF is a leading international business in the field of food cutting technology. TREIF (Oberlahr, Germany) is developing and manufacturing innovative machines, production lines and systems exclusively for cutting and slicing food (slicer, dicer, portion cutting machines). The company is developing and executing customer oriented cutting solutions not only for the industry which includes e.g. machines for slicing to a prescribed weight, but also for shop applications, supermarkets and canteens.
Food Technology > Process & Production > Suppliers Uelzena Ingredients – Milk Powder, Milk Fat, Sweet Condensed Milk, Contract Drying Uelzena eG offers a broad range of high quality milk-based food ingredients and extraordinary expertise in the milk fat processing sector. The product portfolio includes milk powder, milk fats and sweetened condensed milk as well as yoghurt and cream products or customized fat compounds.
Condiments & Ingredients > Ingredients > Suppliers Valspar - Oxygen-Scavenging and Barrier Additives for Plastic Containers Oxygen reacts with fresh and packaged foods and alters them, often to their detriment. Even miniscule amounts of oxygen ingress through the package, will cause products to become unappetising or spoiled, while still on the shelf. valOR® barriers from Valspar, help preserve the freshness of food, beer, condiments, juices, teas, sauces, meat, cheese and much more.
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